About Unipar

About Unipar

The leading manufacturer of chlorine and soda and the second largest PVC manufacturer in South America. Unipar supplies ingredients that are used as the basis for most industries and sectors, such as sanitation and construction.
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Figures and initiatives reflect the success of our strategy

750 - <p>in debentures, the biggest issue ever</p>
750 millions

in debentures, the biggest issue ever

80% - <p>of renewable energy from total consumption achieved&nbsp;</p>

of renewable energy from total consumption achieved 

2 - <p>of people benefiting from social projects&nbsp;</p>
2 millions

of people benefiting from social projects 

Products & solutions

Unipar products meet the needs of a wide range of industries and sectors with the highest quality standards

I want to be a Unipar client
Unipar Client

I want to be a Unipar client

Unipar is a reliable partner and offers high quality products and services. Unipar aims to work collaboratively with its clients to develop the best solutions and innovations. 

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Unipar Projects

Unipar supports Human Development

At Unipar, employees are the key players

At Unipar, employees are the key players

Sustainability, Protagonism, Ethics and Credibility, Respect for people, Excellence and Quality to be the client's preferred choice are Unipar's values. Unipar is inclusive and respects diversity, in addition to working collaboratively to encourage innovation. It fosters professional development in a healthy and safe environment. People are essential for sustainable growth. 

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Contact us if you have any suggestions, questions or if you would like to know more about Unipar's activities, products, and services.
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